Babymama PH: A paradise for the breastfeeding mom

My first time mom bucket list includes a trip to Babymama PH, a one-stop shop for breastfeeding-related products in the Philippines.  Though this breastfeeding shop has a website where you can conveniently place your orders for delivery, I opted to visit its store in Ortigas.

Luckily, my visit didn’t go to waste.  This shop is surely paradise for a breastfeeding mom like me.

Babymama PH, breastfeeding storeBabymama PH, breastfeeding store

From breast pumps to lactation aids, Babymama PH got everything covered.  If you’re a first time mom and is clueless on what you’ll need for breastfeeding, a quick trip to this store can be your Breastfeeding 101 crash course.

It will introduce you to all your breastfeeding must haves — various kinds of breast pumps (manual or electric, single or double, haakaa), breast milk storage options (plastic bag or bottle), breast pads, (disposable or washable), lactation aids (tea, coffee, otap, capsules), nursing covers (apron style, bonchos, scarves), nursing pillows, ice packs, and insulated cooler bags.


When I was still single, I thought all I needed for breastfeeding were a working mammary gland and a baby ready to latch.  But when you’re a busy working mommy exposed to social media, you’ll end up with a bag filled with everything breastfeeding-related.

Babymama PH also offers other mom and baby finds such as carriers, babywearing wraps, baby wipes, anti-stretchmark creams, laundry wash for baby clothes, bottle cleansers, diaper bags, baby skin care products, and many more.


Every proactive breastfeeding mom will surely find what she needs in Babymama PH.  I left the store with a new breastfeeding gadget, the Haakaa. 🙂  Click here for my Haakaa product review.  🙂

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  1. Aila Jane Garcia says:

    Proud breastfeeding mommy here.


    1. You deserve all the love, Mommy Aila. Wish you the best in your breastfeeding journey. 🙂


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