Enjoying presko-bango indoor playtime with our toddler this quarantine summer 🌞

Super likot + summer heat = sweaty baby! 😅

Our baby can now be “amoy araw” even when we’re just inside the house! 😂 Quarantine can’t stop this little girl from being super active and energetic. From playing with her favorite toys to jumping and running around, she plays with the same level of enthusiasm and energy as before when she played in the playhouse or the nearby playground.

But I’m thankful that, despite our limited space and resources, this toddler still gets the most out of her childhood. Of course, we don’t want the quarantine and pandemic to take the benefits of playtime away from the little ones. So though it’s challenging for a work-at-home mom like me, I try to spend a few hours a day to play with this active toddler. Play will always be good for her (and Mommy’s) development, as well as physical and mental health.

Even the amoy araw and amoy pawis should not stop us from playing. For a more fun presko-bango playtime, I make sure to apply Johnson’s Baby Powder on Tash before we play. I want to keep her smelling and feeling fresh longer throughout the day this quarantine summer. 🌞 🏠

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