Toddler Playgroup with Teacher Ella

Three months ago, we were planning to enroll our three-year-old in a pre-Kinder class. Then Covid 19 pandemic happened, and our plans for our toddler’s education were suddenly put on hold. Just like other parents, our priority is our child’s safety. We don’t want to rush things and push with what was planned if it’s still not safe to go out of the house. Surely, God has other things in mind for our little girl this year.

So while our plans for her education are on hold, I decided to explore different forms of learning for little Tash. One of these is to let her join an online toddler playgroup. Following a friend’s recommendation, I made Tash attend Teacher Ella’s class. 👩‍🏫

Putting aside her swimming class experience, this playgroup under Teacher Ella was her first formal “classroom” experience. I mean… “virtual classroom” experience. 😜

At first, she was shy and unwilling to join. She said she didn’t want to have other teacher aside from me and she didn’t want to talk to new friends. That’s exactly the reason I wanted her to join a playgroup or a class. While she certainly can learn a lot on her own at home, joining a class will introduce her to social interaction. Though she’s got cousins and a lot of supportive family members, it’s still important for her to learn how to communicate and interact with people outside her safe circle.

After a few minutes of “warming up”, this little girl began to show interest in what was going on in her virtual playgroup. She started to participate in the activities like playdough molding, painting, and designing. She began to listen to Teacher Ella’s stories too.

What I love about the class

  • The activities were age-appropriate. Teacher Ella knows what activities and stories will catch the fleeting attention of toddlers.
  • Teacher Ella was very energetic and friendly. She’s also really good in teaching and communicating with the little ones.
  • There were not too many kids in class so the teacher could really interact with each child.
  • Lessons (letters, colors, shapes, songs) were introduced through fun activities, stories and games.

Though her first experience of “school” is a virtual one, I’m glad Tash enjoyed and learned a lot during her playgroup sessions with Teacher Ella.

About Teacher Ella

If you also want to let your child join an online playgroup, feel free to contact Teacher Ella on her Facebook page, email or mobile. 👩‍🏫

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