DIY Hair Removal and Pampering Products from Strip It

Three months in quarantine, how are your underarms, mommies? 😆 I know it’s not a great topic to talk about, but underarm hygiene is one of our womanly concerns (well, at least in my country).

For a woman living in a tropical country, I just feel that hairless underarms are better for personal hygiene. Especially during months of hot weather, it’s just easier for our skin to breathe without the unwanted hair. This also helps prevent the buildup of bacteria that may cause body odor. 😬

But with the unfolding pandemic, many of us just don’t feel like visiting our favorite hair waxing salons just yet. In my case, I choose to stay at home and do a DIY underarm hair waxing using my tried and tested Strip It Hair Removal Sugar. 😎

Hair Removal Chocolate Sugaring for thick hair

I’ve been doing DIY hair removal long before the pandemic and quarantine happened. Since I became a mom, I’ve chosen to DIY hair removal at home (except during very rare and very few mommy me time opportunities). With so many tasks on my daily calendar, I just don’t have enough time to wait for my turn in waxing salons. 😎 Read the blog post I wrote three years ago about how to do DIY hair removal using Strip It Sugar.

Benefits of using Strip It Natural Wax

  1. It is safe to use on the entire body even on sensitive skin.
  2. It is completely water-soluble so you won’t be feeling sticky afterward.
  3. Since its compound adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin, as ordinary wax does, there is less pain & discomfort than with other waxes.
  4. “Strip it” also exfoliates the skin while removing the hair, because dead skin cells and impurities are stripped off at the same time. Thus it leaves the skin soft and smooth.
  5. The Calamansi ingredient promotes skin lightening.
  6. Since there’s no need to avail expensive waxing services in a waxing salon, you can save both money and time. (Price Range: PHP130-295)

I’m thankful that motherhood prepared me for doing DIY hair removal during quarantine. 😅

Original Sugaring Wax for any hair

Other Strip It! Products

And I’m glad to discover new Strip It products that will help us moms with our homebased pampering. 🧖🏻‍♀️

After waxing, apply Strip It Aloe Vera Gel to calm the skin. It can also be used to relieve sunburn, minor burn, wounds, rashes, and insect bites.

After 24 hours, apply Strip It Bumps Away Ingrown Cream.

My new favorite is Strip It Oh Scrrrub! It’s an exfoliating cream that smells so good. I use it twice a week during my homebased pamper sesh…when the little one is asleep. 🥰

Where to buy

Aside from Strip It online store, there are partner stores that distribute Strip It Cold Wax and other personal care products. Please click here to see the list.

Find some “me time” and “pamper time” during this quarantine. Even hair removal and other personal hygiene stuff are all part of self care. You deserve it. 😍

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