Enjoy Peace of Mind from Indigestion and Heartburn with Gaviscon

Heartburn & indigestion are more common than you think, but it doesn’t mean that their effects are no less bothersome. You miss out on activities you enjoy or you suffer from heartburn and indigestion when they strike.

No one should have fewer options in life because of heartburn and indigestion. Get 2-in-1 relief from Heartburn and Indigestion with Gaviscon Double Action! With Sodium Alginate as its main ingredient, Gaviscon Double Action counteracts the acidity, creating a protective barrier in the stomach, stopping acid from rising to help you avoid heartburn. It also contains Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate, which neutralize the excess acid in your stomach, relieving you of indigestion.  

Gaviscon Double Action is clinically proven to provide fast and long-lasting relief that works in as fast as 3 minutes and lasts up to 4 hours! So, if and when heartburn and indigestion strike, you don’t have to miss out on activities you enjoy. 

Stay #AlwaysG and taste life without hesitation with Gaviscon Double Action!

Gaviscon Double Action is available in drugstores nationwide and on Available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide and in LazadaShopee, and BeautyMNL.  

To know more, like Gaviscon on Facebook (www.facebook.com/GavisconPhilippines) and follow @Gaviscon (https://www.instagram.com/gaviscon.ph/) on Instagram @gaviscon.ph. 


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