Chuckie Icecream Recipe from Nestle Cream

I’m no pro in the kitchen, but I surely enjoy creating easy-peasy culinary creations for the family, especially when I do it as a fun activity that enriches my bond with my daughter. Nowadays, this 3-year-old loves mixing things together and creating something from scratch. So I thought that this is a good opportunity to start involving her in preparing family meals and desserts.

Great thing I’ve found so many easy-to-follow creamspiration recipes at With Nestle All Purpose Cream, there are a lot of creamy dishes and irresistible desserts that can be created even by kitchen amateurs like me. 😍 The recipes are so easy to follow that I can do it even with a toddler by my side. 😉

For this weekend, I decided to create a dessert made from Tashy’s favorite choco drink…Chuckie! She had fun following my directions and mixing the ingredients all by herself. All you need are just 3 ingredients!

1/3 cup condensed milk (108g)
1 pack Chuckie (180 ml)
1 pc Nestle All Purpose Cream (125 ml)

1. Mix condensed milk with Chuckie (2mins)
2. Whip Nestle All Purpose Cream until light. Fold into the Chuckie mixture. (5mins)
3. Transfer into a serving container and freeze overnight. Scoop into serving portion and serve.

I’m thankful that I’m able to create not only creamy desserts and dishes but also sweet memories that my daughter and I will forever cherish. 💙💙


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  1. twinmama.sarah says:

    Dami talagang pwedeng gawin kay Nestle Cream and no doubt siya talaga nagpapasarap sa mga desserts at lutuin natin.. Haven’t tried this one..but surely i will soon..Thanks for sharing Mommy Gwen im sure my twins will love this too!


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