The Library Heiress

More than two decades ago, I was a child growing up in a world with no internet, no fun mobile games, and no video calls. Other than television (Hello Batibot!) and my plastic kitchen toy set, my favorite form of entertainment was my humble collection of storybooks. 📚 Best childhood ever!

For decades, my little storybooks hid courageously inside the cabinet, fighting darkness and cobwebs. Their prayer for freedom must’ve been heard when I realized that I can set them free so we don’t need to buy books to keep the little one entertained nowadays. Our daughter is a fortunate heiress of a little library! 😄 So the little books marched out of the cabinet and found their liberty in the hands of their new owner named Tash.

I hope these books will be part of Tashy’s colorful childhood too. While I admit I’ve outgrown my love for books now that I’m a grownup, I still believe that these good old friends can do so much for the human mind. In fact, I owe my passion for writing to every single book I read as a child.

And so our storytelling night sessions (and the unending list of questions) have begun! 👱‍♀️👧🏻

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  1. twinmama.sarah says:

    Good Investment talaga ang books..same tayo mommy Television lang muna I don’t want na maexpose agad sila sa cellphones .And good thing marami nang 2nd hand and Affordable books sa market.


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