Superbook is super back! Superbook Season 4 on ABS CBN every Sunday morning

As children, my brothers and I enjoyed watching Superbook cartoons on television. I must say that aside from the Church and our parents, Superbook cartoons played a big role in teaching us Christian values by telling Bible stories in a way that’s enjoyable and understandable for little children. When I found out that my favorite…

Nurture Your Child’s Gifts of Generosity and Gratitude

Are gifts starting to pile up under your Christmas tree? 🙂 Surely, we can never escape receiving gifts this joyous season.  Why? Because Christmas is the season of giving, a season of sharing, a season of love! 🙂 No matter how grand or simple, gifts are people’s “concrete” way of showing their love and care….

Pampers shares how choosing quality diaper is important to child’s motor development

Every parent knows how crucial walking is for a child’s growth and development.  Her first steps will lead to the first dance, the first run, the first climb.  In his book Understanding Motor Development in Children, David L. Gallahue states that “Movement is at the very center of young children’s lives. It is an important facet of all aspects of their development, whether in the motor, cognitive, or affective domains of human behavior.”

Usanimals: Sugar-free Chewable Multivitamins for Kids

Millennials like me will surely remember the yummy Flintstones chewable vitamins our parents required us to take back in the 1990s.  The orange-flavored Fred Flintstone was my favorite! As a child, all I knew about vitamins was it prevented me from being sick, it’s sweet, and it’s cool coz it’s Flintstones. Today,  the millennials who…